2016 Canadian National Soaring Championships

at York Soaring


FAI: Jerzy Szemplinski - ASG-29 (XG)

Club: Krzysztof Wiercioch - Std Jantar 2 (MF)

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Tues, Aug 9 Day 6 Official Results
Mon, Aug 8 Day 5 Official Results
Sun, Aug 7 Day 4 Official Results
Sat, Aug 6 Day 3 Official Results
Thurs, Aug 4 Day 2 Official Results
Wed, Aug 3 Day 1 Official Results
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Contest Dates: Wednesday August 3rd to Friday August 12th

York Soaring Association with SAC invite experienced and interested glider pilots to the 2016 Canadian National Soaring Championships.

Contest Director: Tom Coulson

Weather Team: Tony Firmin

Contest Manager: Patrick McMahon

Registration Fee: $350 up to 7pm, August 2nd.

York is excited to host an enjoyable soaring competition, sanctioned by the SAC sporting committee.

Once registration (above) is complete, a information kit will be emailed to participants. York can accomodate a few RV's and tents. Showers and limited fridge space are available on the site.

This website and logo will be available in successive years to successive hosts. It's development is graciosly supported by SAC and is designed to support the Canadian National Soaring Championships.

Competition Calendar
Date Time Event Notes
Mon, Aug 1 10 - 2 Registration & Practice Tows available - club rates
Tues, Aug 2 10am - 7pm Registration & Practice Tows available - club rates
7pm Mandatory Pilots Meeting Complimentary Pizza & Beer
Wed, Aug 3 9:30am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 1
Thurs, Aug 4 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 2
6:30pm Contest Meal $20/head
Fri, Aug 5 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 3
Sat, Aug 6 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 4
6pm Funrdraiser Dinner Canadian Soaring Team
Sun, Aug 7 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 5
Mon, Aug 8 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 6
Tues, Aug 9 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 7
6pm Contest Meal $20/head
Wed, Aug 10 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 8
Thurs, Aug 11 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 9
Fri, Aug 12 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 10
7pm Contest Banquet Free for Contestants

Location & Landmarks

The York Soaring airfield, food and lodging nearby.

Event Resources

Please check here for resources leading up to the event.

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  • Launch Strategy - View
  • Arthur (Walter's Field) | Canadian Flight Supplement - View
  • Competition Turnpoints | Worldwide Turnpoint Exchange
  • Possible Alternate Fields as of March 2 (update possible) - View
  • Competition Airspace | Download
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